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Never Boring
Updated: December 21, 2016
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Outlandish Literature serves up innovative stories written by G Wayne. They will captivate imagination with unbridled wit and things of that nature.
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My lifelong struggles of dealing with autism are depicted through this work of creative nonfiction.
I was in the ocean alone, except for the forty tons whale that swam over to say hi.
Abuse by family members is a shameful problem that currently plagues our society.
Don't be a stranger! Communication is good.
Ned Legrev is a San Francisco Bay windsurfer who skips over the waves and sails his way into your imagination with comedy and action-packed adventure.
He's a guy with no feelings and she's a dame without a heart. Miles Sphinctersnap is a hardcore forties era gumshoe. With his partner Goldie, he delivers laughs and excitement with a slap across the face and a slug from a 45.